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Welcome to UnlimitedAnime-Manga!

This group focuses on anime-style art, whether it be anime, manga, anthropomorphic, or animation, we love it all!

:bulletred: How to Join :bulletred:

Joining is simple! Just click the "Join our Group" button and you're in!

:bulletred: General Rules :bulletred:

* Please submit to the correct folder! Read the submission rules on the link below before submitting your work to the group's gallery.
* Do not submit traced work, bases, or inappropriate art without mature tags. It will be deleted.
* Do not steal other people's works!
* If you want something removed, let us know by note.
* Please respect other deviants. Failure to do so will result in you being banned from the group.

Thank you and have fun submitting! :>

Group Info

This group focuses on anime-style art, whether it be anime, manga, anthropomorphic, or animation, we love it all!
Founded 4 Years ago
Jul 13, 2010


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24,842 Members
20,893 Watchers
249,651 Pageviews
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(by the way, this group does not accept affiliates anymore)


Hello everyone. :) Folder title display bug has already been fixed! (9/22 update) :dummy:

By the way, check out these events and contests, there are a lot of awesome prizes! If you have other contests and events that you want to promote, you may comment them below. :heart:

Also, please check out the journals in the special advertisement. They need your help. And I would really appreciate it if you can spread the word!


Please helpSeptember 28
I am mind blown and lost for words for all the help I have gotten. I will write a more proper journal post tomorrow or Tuesday. As of right now I should have enough to cover my bills (if I calculated correctly), if I would be lucky to get around 400 sek more I can buy my medicine too but if that doesn't happen I will at least know I have a roof over my head for the coming month.
September 23
Within days I need to pay my bills that are 6268 sek (877.21 usd, American dollars) and I only have on my bank account 3248 sek (454.66 usd) which means I am missing around 3000 sek (420 usd) to pay my rent, insurance, electricity and internet.
I can't sleep at night because I stress so much, I have no idea how to get the rest of the money. My parents have already helped me. I am so scared of being homeless.
It has gotten worse since a bunch of my money I had went to doctors and medicines since I am not well at the moment (no, doctors still don't know what is wrong).
If y
QUICK COMMISSION ( 13 SLOTS LEFT)Hi guys, as you know i have already open a commission. But now i'm having a bit of money problem. Therefore i decided to open a quick commission with 15 slots open  and LOWER PRICE . Please help :'( .
I'm doing portraits ( chest up) in watercolor with simple background for 20$ each. +10$ for 1 additional character .
I will list your commission right here in this journal.
Thank you for reading this :'( . If it's possible, share your friends, i would be really appreciate = ((((
:iconwriven: (2 portraits) : paid :D
Help!<edit> September 29, day 6: still in the hospital. We're looking forward being discharged so we can rehabilitate my father at home. I'm still working on and spreading theword coz the bills don't end even on discharge... there are follow up check ups and also the maintenance drugs. My mom suffered from fatigue due to lack of sleep & stress. It would seem that we need to hire a caretaker so that the others and me in our family wont get fatigued too.
<edit> September 27, Day 4: I created a GoFundMe campaign page:
PLease help me share it! Even in his dire condition, when my father gets a bit conscious, he's worrying about the bills. Stress is not good for him and this puts my mom under as much stress too. The doctor wasn't able to make rounds but I can tell my father has been stabilized.
I'm thankful to everyone who has spread the word and also extended their financial help in l

Don't want to ask but...need help/donationsMy life the past few months has just been a series of unfortunate events, I swear. ;;;
Firstly, my computer completely fried, so I had to build a new one. Had to brave a billion medical tests to be diagnosed with ME. Then my cat got a serious eye infection that spread to both eyes that I had to cash out for. Found a stray, very weak and brittle cat drowning in my pond so I had to fish her out, rush her to a vet and stupidly offered to pay for her treatment. Lost £150 worth of stuff in the post and no one can refund me. I've just gotten over a 3-month long water infection and now have bronchitis. I'm -400£ in the bank after it all.
And now my apartment - that I only moved into 3 weeks ago - has flooded. Hot water pipe above us burst and, after running for an entire 8 hours, it's completely uninhabitable. The ceiling collapsed, floor is waterlogged, toilet's completely trashed, kitchen cupboards need to come down. LUCKILY, all the structural damage IS covered by my landl
I have a situation...I really don't like to write about this, but I don't know how to help myself any other way. I have a situation. A money related one. Over the past month bills I need to pay have accumulated, and I need to pay them off at the end of next month. I'm currently short a 100$ which I can't cover with my regular job. So in order to get that money, I'm offering to draw/paint pretty much anything you want in exchange for a little $ (barring the obvious things like gore, full nudity etc.).
My regular commission info is this:

Apart from that I'll also do small doodles, bigger doodles, sketches, anything that doesn't take years to finish (that means no fully coloured portraits which take ages and I don't have that time, since I hold my works to a certain standard and I'd hate to have to rush a work and have it turn out not as good as I want it) for a little money/points.
Some examples:
headshot doodles: 70 points for one, 200 points for three


:bulletred: Holding an Art Contest! (deadline: Oct 7, 2014)
:bulletyellow: Theme: Draw Yu-Gi-Oh! Dream villain group Time Changers
:bulletblue: Prizes: 600 :points: , 300 :points:-worth of commission , and art  feature!
:bulletgreen: Info:

:bulletred: Holding an Art Raffle! (deadline: Oct 11, 2014)
:bulletyellow: Theme: N/A
:bulletblue: Prizes: A chibi drawing each for 3 winners!
:bulletgreen: Info:

:bulletred: Holding an Art Contest! (deadline: Oct 24, 2014)
:bulletyellow: Theme: Draw your favorite anime character Halloween-themed
:bulletblue: Prizes: 100 :points:, art  feature, free drawings and favorites!
:bulletgreen: Info:

:bulletred: Holding an Art Contest! (deadline: Oct 29, 2014)
:bulletyellow: Theme: Vocaloid / Hetalia Halloween
:bulletblue: Prizes: 100 :points:, free drawings, and mini doujinshi!
:bulletgreen: Info:

:iconcute-in-a-cup: & :iconyaoi-shota-life:
:bulletred: Contest / Looking for Prize Donators! (deadline: Oct 29, 2014)
:bulletyellow: Theme: Cute Halloween :pumpkin:
:bulletblue: Prizes: Items and art! Donators get personal Donators Feature in the group's blog, points, & a month-long feature on the group's profile!
:bulletgreen: Info:

:bulletred: Holding a Points Giveaway! (deadline: Oct 30, 2014)
:bulletyellow: Theme: Everything Japan: Cosplay Photo
:bulletblue: Prizes: 380 :points: and features!
:bulletgreen: Info:

:bulletred: Holding an Art Contest! (deadline: Nov 1, 2014)
:bulletyellow: Theme: Draw oneself into demons (Halloween)
:bulletblue: Prizes: 800 :points: to 4 winners, free commissions, and features!
:bulletgreen: Info:

:bulletred: Holding an Art Contest! (deadline: Dec 25, 2014)
:bulletyellow: Theme: Design an Evil Character
:bulletblue: Prizes: 150 :points: and fully drawn pictures
:bulletgreen: Info:

:bulletred: Holding an Art Contest! (deadline: Jan 2, 2015)
:bulletyellow: Theme: Draw my OC in your designed outfit
:bulletblue: Prizes: 1200 :points: and free drawings!
:bulletgreen: Info:

:bulletred: Holding an Art Contest!
:bulletyellow: Theme: Draw My OCs
:bulletblue: Prizes: 2-4 drawings and short story
:bulletgreen: Info:

If you want to see who are currently offering commissions and adoptables, see: Commissions & Adoptables

By the way, I'm sorry for the late updates and responses. I've got little free time and slow internet connection, so please bear with me. :dummy:
Thank you for reading! :love:
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