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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Have a Happy New year! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and having a memorable holiday! Please be safe during this season!
<Note for December 20th>
I am currently making final decisions for applicants to help me in the group, so if you are one of those applicants, and I choose you, I will send you a note letting you know. If I don't choose you, there will be no note. I will try to send them out sometime in the first week of January as Christmas is almost here! Thank you for your patience and I can't wait to begin working with you!>

Due to high amounts of requests to feature other peoples contests, projects, and ideas, I am going to make this blog be specifically for you to do so. All you have to do is comment in the blog below about your contest, project, commissions, or whatever else you want, and whenever I can I will take a few out of the comments and feature them in the blog, and thus every week you will have this post in your inbox with updated information. All you must do is read all the comments if you are interested.

December 20th features!

:iconroxy12333: has commissions open…
:iconxclubearx: also has commissions open
:iconimhiseternalangel: has animated chibi commissions

If you are looking for to commission people, please read the comments below-- they are people advertising! ^w^

Please comment below to advertise your contests, events, and commissions. Anything advertising is accepted here, NOT on the group profile page. Thank you, hope this helps!
Please note that it is much easier to make a journal post about your commissions then to tell people to go to your profile to look. It also makes it easier to feature you here. Thank you.

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