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I have enough applications for spots on the admin team here, so please do not send any more. I'm pretty busy with school and personal projects, but I will send notes to the individuals that I choose very soon, and once they accept, I will put them on the admin list!

On another note, as a member, what do you wish to see in this group? Comment below and let us know!
Things that I am interested in doing is upgrading to super group, expanding into a more professional group, and thinking of better ways to show case peoples art, because admit it, who actually looks through the gallery, or the deviations in their message box? I won't lie when I say I am a guilty part for this. That is why I want to make it easier to filter through art so that people who skip over deviations will still get to see some good art. So this would be some sort of feature thing for art.
So let me know! What do you think?

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